Our core values are what drives us

Our core values have shaped our corporate culture from the very beginning and are as relevant to us now as they were back then. They are used for orientation and ensure that we are all speaking the same language and pulling together. Our core values are used as a benchmark against which we measure our day-to-day actions.

As a binding guideline for legally compliant and ethically responsible actions in our company, the Code of Conduct defines the standard for responsible behavior towards business partners and the public, as well as the interaction with each other within GLOBUS Gummiwerke.


We take responsibility for our colleagues, products, the region and our environment. We practice a motivating corporate culture of trust and openness.

We act with professionalism and adhere to the highest ethical standards.


We think and act in a forward-looking way. We set ambitious goals, take the initiative, learn from mistakes and see change as an opportunity. Our decisions ensure that resources are used responsibly. We lead by example in all areas, including our approaches to sustainability.


We are committed to achieving a consistently high level of quality in the areas of advice, products and service through excellent performance. We strive for excellence and stand by our customers as an innovation partner. We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on the essentials.


We respect and appreciate each individual for who they are, what they know, and what skills and experience they have as an individual and as a team member. We work on entrepreneurial success together. We communicate openly and honestly, share information, insights and advice constructively with others and navigate difficult situations with courage and honesty.

Vision / Mission


We are the first port of call for elastomer solutions and innovations.

GLOBUS Gummiwerke – From Germany to the whole world


At GLOBUS, we...

  • shape rubber.
  • position ourselves as an innovation partner for our customers.
  • sustainably align our company to secure local jobs.
  • practice a motivating corporate culture of trust and openness.