We focus on extrusion when manufacturing our seals. This process allows great flexibility in terms of geometries, very precise tolerances and comparatively low tool costs compared to other production methods for elastomers. We achieve a very high level of process efficiency with a low level of waste. Tool costs are also significantly lower by comparison, as tools have less wear and tear.

Strengths at a glance

  • Extrusion with pin-type and vacuum extruder
  • Standard materials (e.g. NBR, NR, EPDM) and special materials (e.g. FKM, CIIR)
  • Shore hardness: 35 shore A to 95 shore A
  • Mixtures also in different colours

  • Inner diameter 3 mm to 180 mm in extrusion
  • Wall thickness 1 mm to 40 mm in extrusion
  • Extruded capacity stripes or printed colour markings
    Tubes, cords, torsion bars, profiles on request