Quality management

Our established and certified quality management system includes all measures for planning, inspecting and optimising products and processes based on set requirements.

Our overriding goal is to further improve the quality of our products and services and, as a result, increase customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, we are constantly optimising our communication structure, standardising our action and work processes and developing solution strategies to increase the organisation’s performance in a targeted way.

Manual checks

At the specific request of our customers, a binding one hundred percent check is carried out in the final inspection of delicate products and products that are not dimensionally stable. We implement this customer-specific requirement with our qualified employees’ years of experience.

Digital dimensional check

Our modern measuring technology, such as the use of digital measuring projectors, allows us to check the conformity of our products with customer specifications in a matter of seconds.

Tensile test

Using a tensile testing machine with a tensile force of 1 KN means that we are able to determine the physical and mechanical material properties and carry out material testing. In coordination with customer requirements, we implement the DIN 53507 standard for testing tear resistance and DIN 53504 for tensile testing.

This allows us to document the quality level over the long term.

Dimensional inspection that accompanies series production

In various production stages and also in the final inspection, contactless measurement offers an unbiased picture of the components to be measured, without manual operator influence. The integrated software saves the data, therefore allowing measurement evaluation for each item at each moment of the project and process phases.